As a fraternity of achievers in every field of human endeavor, it is incumbent that recognition of our chapter brothers success and achievements are rewarded and publicized. The committee serves as the architect of the chapterâs strategic plan to recognize these achievers; and promotes the chapter as community accomplishments locally, regionally and nationally.

Brotherhood, Family and Fellowship is the foundation for a successful fraternal organization. The committee is task with the duty to create, design and promote social activities to strengthen our commitment to each other, family and the community at large.

Brotherhood is the Foundation of our grand Fraternity. Thus, it is important that Berkeley Alumni works to ensure that brothers interact and grow with one another. The Reclamation Committee is designed to locate and assist local brothers to become involved with the Fraternity and to facilitate activities to keep the Kappa Fire burning within.

The Undergraduate Committee acts as liaison to all undergraduate chapters and oversees all affairs dealing with development of undergraduate brothers, including collaborating with area colleges and universities to enhance and enrich the academic and social experience of our members.