Demetrius Robinson

Assistant Keeper of Records

Demetrius Robinson is a spring ‘15 initiate of the Berkeley Alumni Chapter and currently functions as the Assistant Keeper of Records. In addition, Demetrius sits on several key committees and spends a great deal of time supporting the Guide Right initiatives. He has an intense love and passion for helping those in need and inspiring community growth. Demetrius has the gift of not only being a great leader himself, but he can also spot and bring out the strengths in others. He encourages and promotes the accomplishments and strengths of others as a means to build confidence and boost team productivity. He is driven by passion and takes great pride in all the work he produces, so his attention to detail is impeccable.

Demetrius is an Oakland, CA native who graduated from Morehouse College with a degree in English and minor in Sports Journalism. His goals for this fraternal year mirror those of the current leadership, with Guide Right being his top priority.