The Berkeley Alumni chapter of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity was officially chartered on May 24, 1947 at the home of our late brother DeWitt Buckingham by brother Frank La Vigne, Polemarch of the Western Province, at the time. The charter presentation ceremony was the culminating event and a landmark in the growth and development of Kappa Alpha Psi in the San Francisco Bay Area. With its presentation,, the message rang loud and clear that Kappa was here to stay. Prior to that time, numerous Kappa men migrated to the west coast during the 2nd World War and the period between 1940 & 1950.

Somewhere between 1945 & 1946, Brother Christopher Martin, who crossed the burning sands at Alpha Mu chapter, Lincoln University of Missouri came up with the idea after living in the bay area for a while and getting to know several Kappa brothers in the area.

He called several meetings and with every meeting the attendance grew larger. Brother Martin served as chapter Polemarch for the first two years after which Brother Sudduth took over as a Polemarch.

One of the first big affairs hosted by the chapter was the Black and White Ball. Much needed publicity was garnered from that event which attracted more brothers to join. Another important event in the life of Berkeley Alumni was laying the ground work for establishing the undergraduate chapter at the University of California in Berkeley. Both groups worked hard at contacting potential pledges. Brothers Charles Holford, Byron Alexander, N.W. Wilkerson, and Wilson Willis were initiated into the alumni chapter. The alumni chapter was comprised of 27 members. At the same time, Brothers Charles Sudduth and Lloyd Williams were initiated into the undergraduate chapter.

In 1948, one of the first big moves by then Province Polemarch, Tom Bradley, was to ask Berkeley Alumni and Gamma Alpha to host the first meeting of the Western Province. Today, the Berkeley Alumni chapter has over 75 members.

(Excerpted from an article written by Bro. Charles Sudduth)

Honors & Awards: Western Province Chapter of the Year 2001-2002

Past Grand Polemarch: Brother Robert L. Harris, Esq.
Laurel Wreath Award: Brother Robert L. Harris, Esq.
Elder Watson Diggs Award: Brother Sterling Dover (Chapter Invisible), Brother James Bradford (Chapter Invisible), Brother Jack Sudduth (Chapter Invisible)
Randall C. Bacon Award: Brother Dr. Marvin W. Jones, Brother Steve McClendon
Province Achievement Certificate: Brother Dr. Marvin W. Jones, Brother Steve Stevens
James L. Bradford Award: Brother Steve McClendon